Hungover and Hairy

October 3, 2008 at 5:42 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

So, I had a righteous hangover the other day. You know, the kind of hangover that really, really makes one consider if there is any point to living anymore. It’s not like I make a habit of making poor choices with regard to alcohol, but this is my last week of playtime before the New Job begins. Therefore, I imbibed… in the middle of the week. Classy.

In my delicate condition, I could barely sit up… forget about working on any knitting. Even so-called mindless knitting wasn’t going to work on this hellish day. But then, I remembered that I have a spinning wheel. A nice spinning wheel that never ceases to give me comfort and lull me into meditative grace. I also remembered that I had that nice little pile of mohair. And since it was just a couple ounces worth, and I knew I would be spinning chunky, I had confidence that I could crank out a little bit of sweet soothing yardage with minimal commitment. I therefore present my latest yarn, “Hungover and Hairy”:

Hungover and Hairy #1

Hungover and Hairy #3

Hungover and Hairy #2
Only about 20 yds- but this will make a lovely accent on a hat or something. I just grabbed handfuls of the locks and corespun them over a thin boucle yarn using golden metallic sewing thread as a binder. It gave me a sense of accomplishment… the knowledge that this terrible, terrible day did not totally go to waste. Who needs a bloody mary when you have fluff?


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